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Home Loan

Buying your own house still remains one of the most coveted dreams and most important decision of life for every individual and with real estate prices touching a new high everyday; it looks very difficult to fulfil this dream. We at Annya Corporate provide financial guidance in selecting right choice of home loan and assisting you to turn your dream into reality.

Applying for a Home Loan may seem like a daunting task and information on Home Loan can be confusing as each bank will have its individual Home Loan scheme and interest rate. It can become difficult for you to compare the individual rates and make an informed decision.

Annya Corporate can help you procure all the information at a single place whereby you can compare the different rates on a single screen. In addition, Annya Corporate can help you seal the best deal depending on your demographics, income, and repaying capacity. They have over 20 years experience to guide you about various aspects of your Home Loan. This includes helping you opt for the bank that provides the following:

  • The lowest rate of interest
  • Lowest processing fees
  • Easy documentation
  • Fastest loan turnaround time
  • Terms of foreclosures and pre-payment of Home Loan instalments
  • Transaction charges such as the creation of mortgage and payment of stamp duty

Annya Corporate are specialists in this field and can help you to:
  • Assess your personal profile
  • Analyse your previous repayment record
  • Understand the various policies of the banks financing home loans
  • Understand the fine print, especially in case of offers that seem overtly attractive
  • Annya Corporate can help you realize your dream of acquiring your own house.

Loan Services

Loan Against Property

Annya Corporate offers liquidity against your immovable property to meet your ever growing business needs. It allows you to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way against the security of your residential/commercial/industrial property.

  • You have to be an Indian Resident
  • You have to be of minimum 21 years at the time of application
  • You can be a salaried or a self-employed individual
  • Your loan eligibility will be derived on basis of your repayment capacity as well as the value of property under consideration
  • Business Needs
  • Marriage, medical expenses and other personal needs
  • Maximum tenure of your loan can be 12 years subject to
  • Your retirement age will be considered if you are salaried
  • Your age at maturity will be considered if you are self- employed
Loan Amount:
  • Minimum loan amount is 1 Lac &
  • Maximum loan amount is 150 lac
  • Subject to 60%* of the property value and repayment capacity of the borrower
Repayment Options:
  • Electronic Clearing System (ECS)/Post Date Cheques (PDC) /NACH
Loan Services

Business Loan

Every business requires adequate amount of capital for funding start-up expenses or for expansion. Here is when a business loan is required to gain the required financial assistance.


Business loan can be availed for:
  • Purchase of assets, business expansion, Working Capital requirements etc.
  • Any Long term/Working capital requirement in Manufacturing / Trading / Service segments.
  • Agriculture : Production, Processing and Trading of Agri / Allied Agri productsAny other income generation activity
Basic Features:
  • Loan size: Minimum loan size INR 50,000 to INR 10 lakh with collateral
  • Loan tenure : 1 to 7 Years with collateral
  • Interest rate : Fixed; Prevailing interest rates
  • Repayment Frequency : Monthly/Fortnightly/Weekly
Loan Services

Personal Loan

Personal Loan is an unsecured loan that is generally used for a personal purpose. This type of loan could be used for paying off debts, going on vacations, buying appliances and latest gadgets, home improvement, unexpected medical expenses, and so forth. The banks calculate the eligibility of the borrower before approving the loan application. A Personal Loan is offered based on the credibility and repaying capacity of the borrower. The funds from a Personal Loan could be used for any type of expense as per the convenience and requirement of the borrower. As a Personal Loan does not require any security or collateral, the rate of interest charged is comparatively higher than other types of loans. Unlike the high rate of interest, the loan tenure is shorter than the other types of secured loans and can be used for any personal need.

Different Types of Personal Loan

There are different types of Personal Loans based on need - for example:
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Applications
  • Microsoft Power BI and Cortana
  • Festival Loans: Loans offered during festival season at discounted interest rates for a shorter period of time.
  • Consumer Durable Loans: Small loans offered to purchase durable consumer products including televisions, ACs, etc.
  • Marriage Loan: Loan offered for marriage expenses
  • Vacation Loan: Loan taken for travel (Domestic and International)
  • Home Renovation Loan: for renovating/ upgrading your home

Annya Corporate is a leading financial services marketplace with experience of more than two decades. The Annya Corporate team consists of experienced and service-oriented professionals who will help you choose the best loan offer, suitable to meet your specific requirement. They will analyze your financial needs, and then help you throughout the loan process beginning from the submission of loan application till the loan disbursal into your account and follow-up for any service requirement.

Loan Services

Equipment Finance

  • The key to expanding a business lies in buying the right kind of machinery or equipment to reach the next level, and to contribute to your expansion, equipment finance is the right move. The machinery & equipment finance can be used to purchase any kind of business equipment. To finance the business expansion plan in a convenient and easy way, our experts at Annya Corporate assists the corporate and SMEs to arrange the funding with appropriate financing mechanism and to procure the machinery or equipment. ​We also assist in leasing the equipment to increase business liquidity.
Loan Services

Construction Finance

  • Construction finance isn’t like a normal home loan. Things work quite a bit differently. The principal is made available in a series of progress payments, in time with the stages of construction. And everything has to be coordinated with the range of trades and contractors building your home. If you choose the wrong lender, things can get very messy, and construction delays are inevitable.
  • At Annya Corporate, we specialise in construction loans. We’ve been doing it for years, and we regularly work with Kolkata’s leading builders. So we know all the pitfalls to look out for in construction finance, and all the efficiencies to ensure your progress payments are available when your builder needs them.
  • Of course, our construction loans aren’t just hassle-free. They’re also affordable and convenient, with competitive interest rates, low-deposit options and all the features you need, including redraw, an offset account and a visa card at home loan rates.
  • And we don’t just cater for construction either. If you’re just buying a block of land, we can help there too, with our vacant land finance.
  • No matter where you are in India, we can help you out with construction finance that will help you build your house sooner, and with fewer hassles.
Loan Services

Loan Against Rent Receivables

Loan Against Future Rent Receivables has been developed considering the growth potential in the real estate sector in various metros and urban centers, where many commercial properties/shopping malls are being developed and the owners approach banks for loans against securitization of future rent receivables from such properties

  • Higher Eligibility: On your net rentals, you can enjoy higher eligibility & benefits from this loan.
  • One for all: This loan is for property owners, whether they are individuals, proprietors, partnerships, corporate, trusts, regional bodies, or HUF and have rented out property for lease.
  • Loan Purpose: This loan can be used to start new business, trade/commercial activity, or any personal use.
Loan Services

Warehouse Receipt Finance

Warehouse receipt finance is typically designed for the companies engaged in manufacturing and trading of various agro commodities like rice, wheat, pulses, gram, cotton, spices etc. Warehouse Receipt Finance helps the farmers, traders, manufacturers to raise finance against the receipt of the Warehouses during the peak period. Funding varies to the tune of 60-70% of the commodity value and the tenor of the funding is maximum 270 days.

​We at Annya Corporate facilitate such finance with proper guidance and support through our expert professionals to the companies desiring such loans

Loan Services

Repair/Renovation loan

We provide repair/renovation loan to maintain the existing residential property in a proper way. Time to time repair & painting is highly required to extend its longevity as well as for better living. Extension of the existing property may also be required to meet the growing need of the family. Now a days a good amount of fund is required to under take such work. FIs are also ready to finance such projects against submission of a Cost Estimate prepared by a qualified Architect. Like Home loans, we also provide all sort of assistance to get repair renovation loan to complete the proposed work. Contact our expert team to get your loan sanctioned.

Loan Services

Commercial loan

Many people look to get a loan for an office space, but just don’t know how to go about it. Getting a home loan for a residential property is more easier to get and more widely provided by banks and financial institutes. On the other hand, getting a loan for commercial property is not that easy and the knowledge of people in this regard is also quite limited. Purchase of Commercial property can be classified into two broad types. They are office space and retail outlet. These two sections can be further divided into two categories like – ready to occupy and under construction. When it comes to financially funding a commercial property under construction, lenders are usually apprehensive. One of the reasons behind this scepticism is that most commercial property buyers are 'investors'. There are times when some people buy commercial property for establishing their own office and business. In that case the lender feels more certain about providing the loan. Unfortunately, many banks or financial institutes do not fund commercial properties, but there are banks which do fund commercial properties – primarily the ones which are ready over the ones under construction. It is advisable to run these checks with your loan advisor before you finalise a project. Contact Exuberant DSA to learn more about Commercial Property Loan.

Loan Services

Mortgage loan

Financial Institutions also provide Mortgage loan to the owner for the purposes other than speculative purpose; such as to meet Education expenses, marriage expenses , medical treatment expenses etc. Those persons who have requirment of fund to meet such expenses ;where as they are unable to arrange such fund from their own but they are in the possession of a good Immovable property (Flat, House Building etc) which could help them to come over their fund constraint situation.

The FIs arrange fund on short term to long term basis according to the need by taking mortgage of the property from the customer .After full repayment of loan with interest ; the FIs release the Mortgage in favour of owner . In such cases customer has to submit his documentary prove of having sufficient regular Income to repay the loan as per terms of sanction in addition to documentary evidence of clear ownership of the property in question.

We also provide all sort of assistance from start to finish like other cases very effectively & smoothly according to the merit of the proposal.

purchase land
  • While apartments and flats are a good housing option for many, some people would like to build a home that completely satisfies all their needs. If you’re looking for a loan to purchase land, a Home Loan will not cover all the aspects of buying an empty plot. What you need is a loan designed specifically for buying land, like Exuberant DSA Land Purchase Loan. Instant approvals
  • You won’t need to wait for days to know if your loan for land has been approved. At Exuberant, we offer instant loan approval in a few minutes after your application. The entire process barely takes 5 minutes.
Fast disbursal
  • While apartments and flats are a good housing option for many, some people would like to build a home that completely satisfies all their needs. If you’re looking for a loan to purchase land, a Home Loan will not cover all the aspects of buying an empty plot. What you need is a loan designed specifically for buying land, like Exuberant DSA Land Purchase Loan. Instant approvals
  • Purchasing land requires you to put down a large amount of money in one lump sum payment. We understand that any delays in payment could result in you losing the plot for your dream home. That’s why we make sure that once your application is approved, we disburse your loan amount in 72 hours or less.
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Take over loan

Loan Services

top up loan